“Our Greatness is being able to remake ourselves”

Optimize your life with continuous positive life care!
With my guidance, I will help you keep your body system healthy and in balance; emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Let’s walk together a beautiful transforming journey!

About Me

Healing Body Mind and Soul

I am a Colorado native who lives and love my family in a Denver suburb. I have been a practicing Spiritual Intuitive and Counseling for the past 12 years. Her extensive knowledge of essential oils expanded her practice and her intuitive coaching. Her life’s desire is to empower women to reach their goals and grow to their fullest potential!

How Can I Help You

Start your journey to a healthy you

Healing Services

Wellness Consultation

Get an intimate view into your cellular system with a one on one consultation that creates an unique plan to optimize the wellness of your body, mind and soul.

Foot Reflexology

Take time for yourself with relaxing foot soak and massage using doTERRA certified therapeutic essential oils.

Spirit Animal Readings

Come see what’s walking beside you through an intuitive reading based on the animal presence within you.

Symphony of Cells

In a 90 minute session, experience a simple and effective way to tune your body like a delicate instrument by bringing it into unique balance; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What My Clients Are Saying

The Positive Possibilities Book

This book is designed to bring Positive Possibilities into Realized Action.

Combining the magical Powers of Spirit Animals with the natural Powers of Essential Oils and daily Power Words and Positive Affirmations you can actualize the mind changing effects of positive thinking! Using these three Power aspects can change the way you walk in the world. Live with more peace, greater confidence and realize Positive Possibilities!

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