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Classes & Events – May 2020

In order to register for an event or class, or if you have questions regarding any of them please don’t hesitate in contacting me!

Power & Purpose Class

Feeling lost in your life?  Wondering what your truth and purpose is?  Want to reinvent yourself and let go of habits that are no longer serving you? Do you feel trapped in your personal or professional life?
Maybe you just want to learn a lot about yourself and are open to becoming a better you. It’s easy to read a few books or go to a few yoga classes and think you are “enlightened”.  But what really counts is inherently changing how you think, how you react, and how you go about your life each day through the good stuff and the bad. What is also important (and hard to do as human beings) is to let go of old habits for good as they have a tendency to creep back into our lives.
Go on a life changing journey in the Power and Purpose Workshop.  This course is 6 weeks long and we meet (in person or virtually) once a week.  Each week is themed and purposeful, with a few exercises to do on your own throughout the week.  What makes this workshop so incredibly powerful is that it will help you retrain your brain, your heart and your gut to let go of old habits, to open yourself up to new possibilities and the opportunity to live a happier, more fulfilling life.  As long as you are open and willing to receive all the incredible knowledge this class teaches you, and willing to put in the work, you will come out of the 6 weeks with the power to become who you are truly meant to be.  You will live the life you want to live, and you will be able to continue without those old habits creeping back into your life.
6 weeks long (1 session per week)
Price per person: $


“It was like going to a life coach, therapist, spiritual guru, mentor and friend all in one.  I learned so many things about myself it was mind blowing.  The themes each week were so well thought out and made so much sense, and tied together in the end in a way I cannot even put into words.  The “homework” each week was really interesting and actually fun as it made me really dive into who I am, and who I want to be.  It was truly life changing and I would say anyone, no matter what you are going through or even if you feel like your life is awesome, would benefit from this 6 week workshop.  You will come out the other side a much happier and much better person with so many incredible opportunities ahead.”

Meditation Group

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Introductory Essential Oils Class

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How to Start your Own Health Business

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